Flowering Annuals 


We are still bursting with blooms in the June and July Months!

Most annuals will now come in 6" or 9" pots. Great for containers or for in-ground planting.

Hanging baskets are restocked throughout the season.

Perennials & Shrubs 


As long as you can water, anytime is great for planting shrubs and perennials.

  • Hydrangeas

  • Knockout Roses

  • Day Lilies

  • Salvia

  • Phlox

  • & more


Now that your outdoor plantings are thriving, it's time to spruce up that indoor space.

We carry popular plants including fiddle leaf figs, monsteras, and snake plants. 


JULY: Water, Water, Water!

Weeks 1-4​

  • Fertilize all your hanging baskets, annuals, and perennials with Jacks Blossom Booster to increase flowering on all your plants.

  • Lawns are burning out get as much water on it as you can. Don't apply fertilizer if you aren't watering!

  • The beetles are out in full force, especially on roses and hibiscus. Apply Sevin or Eight for a quick solution or Captain Jacks Dead Brew for a natural control.

  • Check tomatoes, eggplant, and squashes for disease. First signs are the bottom leaves turning yellow, rolling, or irregular colored spots. We have a wide variety of fungicides.