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Create curb appeal with a lush, 
green lawn.

We carry a custom blend of seed specifically produced for the New England region


The time is now to start using Lebanon fertilizers. The Lebanon Proscape line of fertilizer is one step above the competition while still remaining very economical. Used nationwide by landscape professsionals and golf courses, Lebanon Proscape fertilizer will instantly turn your lawn dark green. The rich color will last for up to 10 weeks. Lebanon also remains environmentally safe by having low phospates in their products.


Below is a general guideline for fertilizing your lawn, for an Organic option click here.


EARLY SPRING (April 1 - 31)

Apply Dimension plus fertilizer to the lawn for early weed prevention and a heavy dose of nitrogen for spring greening. One bag covers 12,500 sqaure feet (around 1/4 acre). Do not use if seeding!


If seeding large areas from winter damage, apply MESO plus starter fertilizer. MESO inhibits crabgrass from germinating while still allowing the grass to germinate and grow. One bag covers 10,000 square feet.


If needed, apply Dylox grub control to kill spring grubs. One bag covers 10,000 square feet.


Apply Sol-U-Cal lime.


Maintaining the proper pH of your soil using lime is one of the most important steps in lawn care. An acidic soil will trap all the available nutrients, resulting in a sparse lawn that lacks a lush green color.

Sol-u-Cal- the new 'magic' lime:

  • 4 times as effective as pellet lime

  • works in only 6 weeks

  • provides more essential nutrients than traditional pelletized lime

  • cost effective


Early signs of grub damage:

  • brown spots in sunny areas of lawn during early spring or fall

  • crows picking at your lawn

  • animals digging in your lawn

  • ground feels soft and spongy when you walk on it

Dylox Grub Control is the easiest and most effective way to eradicate grubs. This is a complete kill product with visible results within 24 hours. Dylox is applied when grubs are present, either in the early spring or for better results in the fall. 

Milky Spore is an organic alternative for grub control.  The granular product must be applied spring, summer, and fall for two years before becoming effective.  It then lasts for 10 years in your soil.

  • Choose the right grass seed.  Not all grass seed is the same. At Polillio's we carry a custom blend of seed specifically produced for the New England region.

  • Prepare the area. Cultivate the soil to ensure good seed to soil contact. This can be done with a dethatcher or an iron rake.

  • Fertilize and lime. Add a starter fertilizer that is high in phosphorus to promote rooting.

  • Seed. In order to ensure uniform coverage, apply the seed in two different directions.

  • Rake lightly or roll the lawn to ensure good seed to soil contact.


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